Friday, 3 May 2013

Study of a peculiar society, that loves pain- Kenya

"Oh ye foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?" a voice cries from the desert. The annointed one remarked at the thought of the stupidity of his people.

Applies to all of us just right about now. The hue and cry about our politicians literary fists-on-the collars of the salaries team is a scene to adore. I mean it. We, the people so fondly in love with quick fixes and aversion of the truth. A people embalmed in the romance of collective amnesia which recurs every five years is a comedy of  sorts. Get a jar of popcorn and watch it replay in an exact same manner.

Here is the reality your eyes will see once you become honest with yourselves, foolish Galatians (oops..Kenyans)...

We get the leaders we deserve. Our leadership is a reflection of our society. The rot in our leadership is a direct mirror image of the rot in the most basic unit of society- the family.

How many of us are honest at our workplaces? How many make sure they work for the last coin paid even when nobody is watching? How many of you still yell at the top of your voices how you are underpaid yet you spend significant amount of time paid for, mostly by taxpayers for the civil servants, sipping lattes and catching up on bogus stories while serving the public an enhanced menu of impunity?

The difference between our leaders and us is that they are in the glee of the media. The reel always rolls at their actions.

Speaking of the same leaders, an alien in Kenya would be forgiven to think that our leaders are manufactured from some exclusive depot and fed on us without our say. False. We elect them. Given many choices, we make the wrong ones. Again and again.

Our leaders remain better than us. At their point of need, like salary increment, they speak in one voice. At our point of need,like  the elections, we disintegrate into un-useful tribal shadows.

We get the leaders we deserve. Change comes from us. From within us. The only thing that changes from top down is food as it evolves into you know what. Our change must be from bottom up. You know how.

As a society that always votes against its own interests every other 5 years, who would sympathize with us.

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